PSA Bulk Grading

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1 card submission to PSA on Bulk service – Cost of £26 per card.

Estimated turnaround time: 150 days from dispatch.

Maximum Declared Value per card: £190

Year 1980-Present ONLY

By purchasing this product you agree to our terms of service which can be found here.


We offer to pregrade all of your submitted cards, completely free of charge. Should you wish to have your cards pregraded, please select this option on the submission form.

Send Off

We send our submissions to PSA on or around the 28th of every month. This gives customers time to get their collections together and have them sent in to us.

Return and Status Updates

Please place a separate order for each submission level. By doing so, you will pay for special delivery return postage on each order.

To track the progress of your order you can use our tracking system here: