New GOD RARE In Dragon Ball Super Wild Resurgence!

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New GOD RARE In Dragon Ball Super Wild Resurgence!

The moment all Dragon Ball Super Card Game fans have been waiting for, a brand new GOD RARE!

The latest Dragon Ball set, officially named Zenkai Series: Wild Resurgence, is the fourth expansion of Zenkai Series and is the 21st main series Dragon Ball Super Card Game set.

It has been confirmed that the set will include a God Rare for the first time since the Bardock God Rare from Dawn of the Z-Legends, released in September 2022.

You can now pre-order this set with JET Cards HERE.

Wild Resurgence booster Box Son Goku, Peace Resolution


This is third God Rare ever printed in the Dragon Ball Super Card Game. The name of this card will be Son Goku, Peace Resolution and is numbered BT21-148 GDR.

Pull rates for these God Rares are claimed to be one per two or three booster cases. This means on average one God Rare is expected in 24 to 36 booster boxes. Of course, there is no guarantee that you would pull one even after opening 36 booster boxes, so if you are one of the few to get one from a box you can consider yourself extremely fortunate!

These God Rares are undoubtedly the biggest chase cards in the dragon Ball Super Card game and you can expect the value of this card to be very high after the official release. 

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