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"At JET Cards, we are collectors first and retailers second. Our aim is to provide the best quality trading cards and sealed products at fair and affordable prices."

About Us

JET Cards was founded in June 2020 by Josh Todd.

Josh had spent the 7 years prior to this date working in the aviation industry, first as an apprentice and lastly as a first line manager. He had always been extremely passionate about trading card games (both playing and collecting) and has an avid collection of Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! cards stemming back to the early 2000's. In early 2020, Josh was continuing to build his TCG collection and had begun thinking what it would be like to follow his passion and work for a game store full time. It was shortly after this that he noticed the area he was living in at the time did not have many small independent game stores and that the large game stores were becoming increasingly hard to purchase from due to the fresh introduction of the Covid-19 virus and the coinciding boom in popularity for trading card games.

It was at that moment, he decided to follow his passion and start up his own company in an attempt to provide a greater service to TCG lovers, both in the local area and across the whole of the UK. JET Cards started business on ebay, selling singles and the occasional graded cards. However, after months of preparation and hard work behind the scenes, JET Cards was able to secure contracts with some of the biggest game suppliers in the UK and began trading on this website in December 2020.

Since then we have continued to add new and exciting stock to the store. We started off with Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! products only and now we have expanded to stock even more amazing trading card games (such as Digimon, Dragon Ball Super and Flesh and Blood). In April 2021, we were able to secure a deal with a Japanese supplier and have begun introducing Japanese pokemon cards to the website.

We have an ever growing collection of accessories (such as binders, sleeves, toploaders and playmats) and have recently introduced Japanese imported food and drinks to the store.

We plan to continue at this rate of growth and our end goal is to be one of the biggest and best Game Stores in the UK, whilst maintaining our values with high levels of customer service and competitive prices.

Thank you all for your support!

JET Cards

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