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Over 25 Pokemon 'Star Birth' Secret Rares Revealed!

Over 25 Pokemon 'Star Birth' Secret Rares Revealed!

Joshua Todd |

Lots of images are now flooding in from Japan for the upcoming expansion S9 Star Birth, including over 25 leaked pictures of the many secret rares this set has.

S9 'Star Birth' will be available in Japan on 14 January 2022.

The leaked images include: 3 Stunning Charizard Cards! An alternate art charizard features for the first time, a rainbow rare VSTAR card and lastly a full art V card.

Charizard Alt Art Charizard VSTAR Charizard V


The leaks also include 3 Arceus cards, this was to be expected with the recent release of Pokemon Legends: Arceus for the Nintendo Switch Console!

Arceus Alt Art Arceus VSTAR Arceus V


Set Information:

Star Birth will have a total of 100 cards without including Secret Rare Cards. This expansion will introduce VSTAR Pokemon and new mechanics known as VSTAR Power. VSTAR Power is similar to GX Attack from Pokemon : Sun & Moon Expansion in which you are only allowed to use 1 VSTAR Power for the whole game. VSTAR Power can be either Ability or Attack. And only VSTAR Pokemon can have VSTAR Pokemon.

Lastly, here are all the remaining cards revealed in the leaks from Japan:


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