Pokemon Lost Origin Product Images Revealed!

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Pokemon Lost Origin Product Images Revealed!

Finally, after a very long time waiting, the first product images for the next Sword and Shield 11: Lost Origin set have been revealed by The Pokemon Company International. 

Although we are now able to browse the full range of products (including one exciting new product), No cards have been officially revealed just yet. There are a number of leaked images of cards which you can find in our last blog post here.

The only information we have regarding the cards is that any using the Lost Zone mechanic, such as Giratina VSTAR, will feature a shadowy aura emanating from the artwork. 

Anyway, here are the revealed product images:

Lost Origin Logo

Lost Origin Logo

Lost Origin Booster Box

Lost Origin Booster Box

Giratina Pack

Giratina Pack Art

Hisuian Zoroark

Hisuian Zoroark Pack Art

Radiant Gardevoir

Radiant Gardevoir Pack Art


Enamorus Pack Art

Lost Origin ETB

Elite Trainer Box

Lost Origin Pokemon Center ETB

Pokemon Center Elite Trainer box

Lost Origin Stadium

Build and Battle Stadium

Lost Origin Battle Box

Build and Battle Box

Regigigas 3-Pack

Regigigas 3-Pack Blister

Weavile 3-Pack

Weavile 3-Pack Blister

Croagunk Checklane

Croagunk Checklane Blister

Scorbunny Checklane

Scorbunny Checklane Blister

Lost Origin Portfolio

Mini Portfolio


Starting from this set, The Pokemon Company will introduce a new type of item called a “Booster Bundle.” It simply contains six booster packs and will look like this:

 Booster Bundle


Lost Origins has a release date of 9th September 2022.

Head over to our Home Page to see all the exciting new products we have in stock at JET Cards. Make sure to keep an eye on our social media for any more breaking news and updates!

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