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Pokemon "TCG Holiday Calendar" Promo Cards and Contents Revealed!

Pokemon "TCG Holiday Calendar" Promo Cards and Contents Revealed!

Joshua Todd |

The “Pokemon TCG: Holiday Calendar” is an exciting new product that is being released in the UK on September 1st 2022 in the UK and is designed with the holidays in mind. This product makes a perfect gift for Winter.

You can order the Pokemon TCG: Holiday Calendar HERE.

Pokemon TCG: Holiday Calendar Front Pokemon TCG: Holiday Calendar Back
Pokemon TCG: Holiday Calendar Inside Front

Pokemon TCG: Holiday Calendar Inside Back


Included within this holiday calendar are 8 promo cards. One of the promo cards is "Pikachu SWSH153", which was originally a promo that released alongside Japan’s Shocking Volt Tackle back in September 2020. The rest of the cards are reprints. All of them are stamped with a snowflake, following the holiday theme.

Here are the images of all included promo cards:

Pikachu SWSH153 Abomasnow Holiday Promo Lapras Holiday Promo
Delibird Holiday Promo Beartic Holiday Promo Eiscue V Holiday Promo
Ice Rider Calyrex V Holiday Promo Ice Rider Calyrex VMAX Holiday Promo


The holiday box will also contain 2 coins that feature Delibird and Eiscue:

Delibird Coin Eiscue Coin


In full, the calendar will contain:

  • 8 foil promo cards with a festive stamp, including 2 Pokemon V and 1 Pokemon VMAX
  • 2 Pokemon coins
  • 2 colorful sticker sheets
  • 1 sidekick dangler
  • 6 Pokemon TCG: Sword & Shield Series booster packs
  • 6 Pokemon TCG 3-card fun packs
  • A code card for the Pokemon TCG Live

“Fun Packs” are 3-card sample packs that have released in magazines for certain sets over the years; they usually contain three common cards, one of which is a reverse holo. The sidekick danglers have also released in a few products. It is not known which Pokemon will be featured on the dangler yet.

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