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The Best Pokemon Alternate Art Cards From Sword & Shield

The Best Pokemon Alternate Art Cards From Sword & Shield

Joshua Todd |

Alternate Art cards have finally returned to the Pokemon TCG. Battle Styles reintroduced alt arts in a massive way with some absolutely stunning artworks and we could not be happier with the Pokemon Company's decision to bring them back.

Since the reintroduction in SWSH 5, we have also seen the following two Sword & Shield sets (Chilling Reign and Evolving Skies) include some mind blowing alternate art cards.

Because there are now so many exciting cards available, we thought it would be a good idea to share our favorite alternate arts from each set and to tell you why they stand out from the rest.

Your favourites may be different from ours and we would love to hear from you about why you have picked your favourites and why.

Let's start off with Battle Styles:

On the release of SWSH 5 - Battle Styles, this card attracted a great deal of attention. Not only due to the fact this Pokemon is a fan favourite from Gen 2, but also because of the relatable "food coma" artwork showcased on the card.

We are of course talking about the sleepy Tyranitar V 155/163.

Tyranitar V Alternate Art

This card is our favourite from Battle Styles for a number of reasons. Tyranitar is our 2nd favourite Pokemon of all time (behind Haunter) and to see this Pokemon in such a relatable state is something we love to see. This Tyranitar appears to have eaten its own bodyweight in food and has fallen deep into a food coma underneath a tree. Amazing stuff!

Moving on to Chilling Reign:

Chilling reign saw the introduction of some new, never before seen Pokemon cards. This included the Shadow Rider and Ice Rider Calyrex cards and also all three Legendary Birds in stunning Galarian form. All these new cards had their own Alternate Art's, however there was one card which was not only our favourite but also the favourite for almost everyone we have spoken to about this set.

This card is the one and only Galarian Moltres V 177/198.

Galarian Moltres V Alternate Art

The sinister aura that oozes out of this card is something of beauty. Galarian Moltres is without a doubt the best looking of all three Legendary Birds and is probably the only one which we feel looks better in Galarian form than it does in its original form.

Last but not least, we move on to Evolving Skies:

This set has been our favourite modern set since Hidden Fates and we have loved everything about it. For this set, we simply couldn't choose just one alternate art to be our favourite as this set contains so many wonderful artworks that are outstanding in their own way.

We have been able to whittle the selection down to our favourite two alternative arts from Evolving Skies.

The first is a no brainer. This card is the best alternate art card from any Pokemon set ever (our opinion of course). There is something about this card that just makes us want to own a thousand of them. It will take a very special alternate art card to beat this one in terms of style. 

This card is the Umbreon VMAX 215/203.

Umbreon VMAX Alternate Art 215/203

Firsty, Umbreon is our favourite Eeveelution so we may be slightly biased when it comes to selecting this VMAX alt art as one of our favourites. There are lots of other eeveelutions available in alt art form, however this one is truly spectacular. The artwork behind Umbreon is stunning, the night sky and the moonlight glistening off the surface of the ocean paints a magical picture and the way Umbreon is drawn reaching up the moon truly finishes this card off.

We have also held a number of these in person and the way it is textured makes it unimagnely better than just seeing a picture. Umbreon almost comes off the cardand reaches out to you.

Now to talk about a very close second place to this card, and probably our second favourite alternate art card of all time (i know right, both our favourites are in the same set). This one is the chase card of the Evolving Skies set:

Rayquaza VMAX 218/203.

Rayquaza Alternate Art 218/203

As far as chase cards go, this is one of the strongest we have seen in a long time and it is great to see a Rayquaza as popular as Charizard's from previous sets. This alternate art is spectacular in person and we would rather own this than any other Modern chase card.

Alternate art's are an amazing addition to the Pokemon TCG and we are delighted to see them back. Feel free to share with us your thoughts on our selections and also to tell us your choices!

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