Digimon Card Game - EX05 - Animal Colosseum Booster Box (24 Packs)

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Release Date: 19th January 2024

The Popular Four Sovereigns Are Included As ACE Cards!

All four can be used as the key card when building a deck. Huanglongmon, the embodiment of earth, is also included as a Digimon card for the first time! A total of 12 Digimon cards in the popular Deva category are also included! Plus, Sayo and Koh from the Digimon Story game series also get cards for the first time!

1 additional SEC type with an English exclusive alt art version! EX05 also has 1 SEC card exclusive to the English version! This card features an illustration created especially by an overseas artist! 2 types of low pull rate SEC cards will make this set popular with collectors and fans!

12 cards per pack

EX05 Rarities

  • Common ×26
  • Uncommon ×20
  • Rare ×18
  • Super Rare ×8
  • Secret Rare ×2

74 card types

*Also includes alternate art and/or design cards from the above types.