Final Fantasy - Hidden Hope - Booster Box (36 Packs)

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Release Date: 22nd march 2024

Debuting with this release we're introducing a groundbreaking feature called the "Limit Break" system. This thematic addition promises to reshape FFTCG strategy by incorporating cards from outside the deck, setting the stage for continuous innovation in future sets. Notably, the coveted Special Card, a rare foil-stamped full art card in this set, will showcase none other than Sephiroth [22-032L], featuring a breathtaking illustration by Gen Kobayashi. This marks a historic moment as FFTCG unveils a brand-new illustration for a Special Card.

When you purchase a sealed Booster display box, you'll find an exclusive treat inside: one (1) Full Art Premium Foil card, Kurasame [PR-159/22-024], included as the Buy-a-Box Promo card (please note that the final card is subject to change).