One Piece Card Game - Mega Bundle

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The Mega Bundle Includes:

  • One Piece Card Game - Romance Dawn Booster Box (24 Packs)
  • One Piece Card Game - Starter Deck - Straw Hat Crew (ST-01)
  • One Piece Card Game - Starter Deck - Worst Generation (ST-02)
  • One Piece Card Game - Starter Deck - The Seven Warlords Of The Sea (ST-03)
  • One Piece Card Game - Starter Deck - Animal Kingdom Pirates (ST-04)
  • One Piece Card Game - Card Sleeves - Luffy (70 Sleeves)
  • One Piece Card Game - Card Sleeves - Eustass "Captain" Kid (70 Sleeves)
  • One Piece Card Game - Card Sleeves - Crocodile (70 Sleeves)
  • One Piece Card Game - Card Sleeves - Kaido (70 Sleeves)

A New Epic One Piece Card Game Like Never Before

The One Piece Card Game is a game in which you build your own deck and battle an opponent using some iconic characters from the One Piece universe. If you're new to the game, you can dive straight in with a starter deck, or try your hand at building one with the Romance Dawn booster boxes!

Leader Cards

Your leader card is the most important card in your deck. It can attack and use different effects. Your life value is determined by your Leader, and it's written in the lower right corner of their card.

DON!! Cards

Use DON!! Cards to pay the cost of playing a card, or attach them to a Leader or Character to increase their power. You will automatically gain 2 DON!! Cards each turn, up to 10 cards in total. The first player only gets 1 card on their first turn.

Character Cards

Play a Character card from your hand by using DON!! cards to pay its cost. Character cards are the main actors in a battle: they have their own powers and effects, and can attack Leaders and other Characters.

Event Cards

Use and then trash an event card from your hand by using DON!! cards to pay its cost. Event cards have various effects, and some can be used during your opponent's Attack Step.

Stage Cards

Play a Stage card from your hand by using DON!! cards to pay its cost. Stage cards can support your Leader and Characters with various effects. Only one card can be placed on your field at a time.