PSA Card Unveils 'July National Special' Pricing At £18 Per Card


PSA Card Unveils 'July National Special' Pricing At £18 Per Card

To celebrate the hobby’s biggest event, PSA is offering a ‘July National Special’ Submission!

For this month only, JET Cards are delighted to announce that we can offer card grading for only £18 per card to all of our customers.

For information regarding our PSA submissions, click HERE.

Years Accepted: Any
Declared Value Limit: $199 (£165)
Categories Accepted: All sports, non sports, TCG
Item Types Accepted: Regular, Small-Sized Cards, Modern Memorabilia Cards and Tallboy Cards
Turnaround Time (Estimated): 150 Calendar Days
Exclusions: Supersized, T3, Jumbo, Packs, Coins/pins, Ticket, Jumbo Tickets


As stated by PSA:

PSA will be providing on-site authentication and grading at the 2022 National Sports Collectors Convention, which will be held at the Atlantic City Convention Center in Atlantic City, New Jersey, from Wed., July 27, through Sun., July 31. PSA’s parent company, Collectors, will also be on-site along with several other divisions from the company to offer show attendees an up-close look at all that Collectors has to offer.

In celebration of the industry’s biggest event of the year, PSA has just unveiled a “July National Special” that is available exclusively to PSA Collectors Club members through July 31 as either a drop-off option at the show or as a service level that’s currently available to any Collectors Club members wishing to submit now through the online submission center. To use this service, PSA is requiring Collectors Club members to submit a minimum of 20 cards with a declared value limit of $199 per card. For this unique special, PSA is accepting only standard-size cards. The estimated turnaround time for this offer is 150 calendar days. 

For Frequently Asked Questions regarding our PSA submissions, click HERE.

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